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An Insider's Guide to "Hasselhof(f)", "Yellowthreads Treat" & "California Dreamland"

Presenting "California Dreamland", "Yellowthreads Treat" and "Hasselhof(f)"; H0 & 00 scale model tramways exhibited by Steven M. Smith.

Welcome to the Homepage based around my tramway exhibiting activities. This site aims to provide a greater insight into "Yellowthreads Treat", my Hong Kong inspired tramway layout, plus "Hasselhof(f)", an HO scale model tramway which made its debut on the Exhbition Circuit in 2004. A full description of the latter appeared in the November 2009 issue of the Continental Modeller, whereas video footage is featured on the Dave's Railway Films (formerly Dave's Railway Videos) title, "The Welsh National Model Railway Exhibition Llandudno 2006". Video footage of "Yellowthreads Treat" can be seen on the "Leyland Model Railway Show 2015" title within the same range and a full description is featured in the July 2016 issue of the Continental Modeller.

At present, I am continuing to add finer details to "California Dreamland" based on the heritage streetcars and world famous cable cars of San Francisco.

The layout named tabs will give you a feel of the scenic side of the corresponding exhibit, whilst showing you some of the trams in service. The Photos tab contains galleries of places of tramway interest which I have visited over the years, and time permitting, I shall be revisiting some of my earlier albums with a view to adding supporting photographs of trolleybus interest. (HINT: If viewing any of the Photo Galleries as a slideshow (not compatible with Microsoft Edge), the photo title does not seem to appear unless you move your mouse...)

I hope you enjoy your visit to this website. Please don't hesitate to give me any feedback, if you should see me on the Exhibition Circuit somewhere...


"Yellowthreads Treat" measures up to the standard I set myself with "Hasselhof(f)". In this photograph, taken  outdoors during August 2015 , the crossing plays host to some very unusual pedestrians. A line-up of three motorised 80M trams, plus a ready-to-run example from Bachmann pose for the camera, only to be somewhat overshadowed by the buses commemorating the Chinese Year of the Dragon (2000, 2012).

The progress made on California Dreamland to date now includes working streetlights, and also flashing lights on some of the fire and rescue vehicles centered around the pier buildings. The back of the exhibit is certainly more complete than the front, which still awaits the arrival of a 3D printed "Queen Anne" property plus a few surprises! The reliability of the electric feed to the rails on the cable car turnaround still requires attention, hence its unfinished state.

A pair of Dresden liveried trams at the main tramstop at the front of "Hasselhof(f))". The prototypes were made by a consortium of manufacturers known as "Sachsen Tram". The design in the foreground is designated NGT8DD. The model is actually missing two sections, having been purchased at a model railway show from a used Continental specialist's stand. Length-wise, it compares favourably to the two-car articulated designs, as manufactured by Roco and Lima. The layout was originally designed specifically for these, in that there are two short storage roads off-scene behind the retaining wall at the back. A third hidden siding acts as a stabling point for longer vehicles.

The model in the background is designated NGT12DD.


If you are an Exhibition Manager / Events Organiser in the U.K., and would like further information as to the availability of Yellowthreads Treat or California Dreamland, please visit the Forthcoming Appearances page for my contact details. Hasselhof(f) has now been retired.

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